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Team Fortress 2 Update Available (11-19-10)
Jason Ruymen Wrote:A required update for Team Fortress 2 is now available. Please use hldsupdatetool to receive the update. The specific changes include:

Engine Changes (CS:S, DoD:S, TF2, HL2Big GrinM)
- Added support for raw mouse input. Raw input reads directly from the mouse, bypassing Windows control panel mouse settings. This addresses issues with high DPI mice, and provides for a more reliable controller experience at various resolutions. (Windows)
- Improved custom mouse acceleration. (Windows)
- Updated mouse configuration UI to support raw input and acceleration; added tooltips to some of the options. (Windows)
- Fixed UI tooltips so that they display correctly on first hover. (Windows)

Team Fortress 2
- Added the "Team Spirit" paint can.
- Added Telltale Games items:
   - Dangeresque, Too?: Strong Bad's styling glasses (equipped by the Demoman)
   - License to Maim: Max's Badge (equipped by all classes)
   - The Iron Curtain: The Heavy's first love (equipped by the Heavy, obviously)
   - The Enthusiast's Timepiece: Tycho's favorite timepiece (equipped by the Spy)
- Updated some item capabilities:
   - Employees badges can now have custom names.
   - The Stickybomb Jumper can now be gift wrapped.
   - The Spine-Chilling Skull and Voodoo Juju hats are now paintable.
   - Improved the Spine-Chilling Skull and Voodoo Juju hat positions on the Sniper.
- Added the original Ubersaw taunt to the Vita-Saw.
- Fixed an issue that prevented the game from running on Fat32 systems.
- Fixed a problem with the Sackston Hale achievement sometimes not being awarded correctly.
- Fixed the holiday gamestartup sound files being included in the random startup selection after the holiday is over.
- Fixed numerous WebAPI issues.
- Fixed a Heavy exploit that let him run at full speed while shooting.
- Fixed a Frontier Justice exploit that let Engineers have infinite crits for their current life/round.
- Fixed the shotgun reload animations for the Soldier/Pyro/Heavy looping endlessly.
- Fixed the Medigun charge percent for other players being steppy.
- Fixed not being able to light arrows after the first arrow is fired unless they're drawn back.
- Updated the localization files.


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