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Question about adding TeamSpeak to my web server...
Hi all,

I am using a basic VPS (Linode 512) from, which offers:
- RAM: 512MB
- Storage: 16GB
- Transfer: 200GB

Currently I am using it for:
- fastdownload (for TF2)
- forum

I would like to also use it for TeamSpeak 3. Will my VPS be able to handle it?

(We only have a small group for now, so for TeamSpeak, I am planning to host 20 slots, or 40 max)

No problem, just make sure that you have the necessary bandwith to handle it. TS/VT/MUMBLE does almost NOT require any cpu, only the necessary network speed.
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I have installed TS3 on my VPS by following this guide:


The installation was super easy, just executed script and done, but it is hard to find any solid documentations on server/client configuration.

VT is out of question, as its free license only allows 8 clients max. Might try Mumble later on.
Mumble is quite good if you can convince your users.
The big catch is the if. Most people want to install and run it. Configuration some software is hard for them. That is probably why mumble wont become popular even if it is a good software.
Interactive web based config creator for CS, CSS, TF2 and DODS
Creates server and client configs in an explained dialog.

You`ll also find precompiled debian gameserver kernels for download

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