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I been trying to find someone who knows how to do this. I run a Surf/RPG/DM server that is getting quite popular.

The problem:

We are offering members 300 free credits to spend on skills if they register on our clan's forum. We are getting loads of requests now for these credited as we get more popular. I like this idea as it brings people to the forum.

What I want to do is have a feature on my site that is linked to the server rcon. A player simply clicks a link on the forum to a separate webpage with this plugin and pastes their steam id into the plugin. This feature or plugin then sends the follow command to the server with rcon, "rpgaddcredits <steamid> <amount>"

Also I want this feature set so that a steam id can only be used once, and then after someone uses it, that persons is blocked by ip from it. Also if this could be secured so that no1 can hack it to cheat the system or spam the server

I really would appreciate anyone who can help me with this.



By the way the server ip is: or, whatever is easier.
I use a web-based Rcon tool called Ruckman RCon. Link

If you're good at PHP, I'm sure you can whip up something to send data to the server using that Rcon script.

If not, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Also, what forum software is your website running?
If you have a look here there's plenty on rcon with php you could easily adapt it to do what you want.
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