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AntiCamp for DOD:S, CS:S and HL2DM!!
Tired of campers? Need an anti-camp solution for your Source dedicated server? RACPlugin (.Robot's Anti Camp) is a standalone anti-camp plugin that is for CS:S, DOD:S and HL2DM. This plugin performs the following functions:

* stops lame campers!
* works with CS:S, DOD:S and HL2DM.
* admin configurable anti camp positions.
* weapon drop (dod and cs:s) or weapon switch (hl2) for small camp offences.
* mega slap (cs:s and hl2dm) and health punishment for serial camping offences.

It may be downloaded from:

Support forums are at:

Wow jimmy, this looks really good Big Grin
I tried it - an it looks good, but I would like to make camping dectection teamdependt!

Because in many DoD:S maps is it posible to enter spawnareas, and with this plugin will it be possible to punish these bastands!

With the ability to say that only one team is disallowed on certain spaces, will it be very usefull for DoD:S servers

Especially for custom DoD maps ...

Followup on my previous message ...

Say I would like to protect Axis from Allied on certain positions. I enter the Allied team, go to the spot I would like to "ban" and hereby create a marker only for Allied team.

The same for protecting Allied team from Axis spawncamping but vice versa ...

this anti camp didnt work for me at all. The server kept crashing on me. I went to mattie event sripts and found a better one.

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