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server wont start
hi have a prob . i have a windows box 2800 Barton CPU 1 gig ddr 400 ram , i have installed hldsupdatetool.exe followed the install instructions and the new server will not start i have tried several time and no joy Sad any help ...
what are you doing to start the server?? are you running it in console.. what are you putting in the start up line?
i have created a shortcut, just GUI no command line ...
add "-game cstrike" to the start line.. i read somewhere that has to be there regardless..

or wait.. what exactly do you mean.. it won't start? it doesn't start up at all.. or can you not join.. be more specific...
it will not start at all
does it give any errors.. or does the screen not pop up at all.. does it pop up for a second and then go away? and is it a css server or dods server, or a cs server.. what?
on both types and it don't show anything its very odd
i already have a CSS server and a CZ server there both fine .
try to re-run the hldsupdatetool.. make sure you get everything

and you have to have the -game specified in the cmd line. you should run in console and specify everything like -console -maxplayers XX -game cstrike +map de_dust

what cmd line are you useing now?
what commands would use for a Day of defeat source
server and what would you use for a counter strike source server in the command line and what command line would you use for hldsupdatetool .

-console -maxplayers 32 -game cstrike +map de_dust
-console -maxplayers 10 -game dods +map dod_flash

yea.. i think that it might just be dod for dod source. seems how its srcds so the fact that its source is a givin. but that should be all.. unless im missing something o.0 which is possible, im still not all the way awake, im notta morning person. lol.. even though its noon.
Yep it's just dod. Mine is;

-console -game dod +hostname "Whatever" +map dod_anzio -tickrate 66


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