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Multiprocessing query.
We run some pretty heavy Garrysmod servers, and we ran into some processing issues.


We just upgraded to an I7, which is simply awesome. However, SRCDS seems to be limiting itself to 13% cpu usage (12.5 rounded) which with Hyperthreading is 1 core.

I've tried TCAdmin to change the affinity, and a quick program written in c++ with no such luck. Anyone know if its even possible to multiprocess srcds games? Specifically Garrysmod.

If not, I guess I could disable Hyperthreading so least it has a full core, which it should never really dominate.

OS: Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise
As far as I know srcds does not support multi core yet.
[Image: b_560x95.png]
Theres no multicore support for srcds yes (as omegascout mentions). Your'e out of luck.
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Well actually there is, but it is shit. From what I know it is one network thread and one logic thread, and the logic thread is what takes 99% of the cpu that srcds uses. So in the end.... Don't count on srcds multi threading Smile

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