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Source Mod + Mani_Admin_Plugin
iv created one server, and i installed source mod, but i wanted the quake sounds, so iv installed mani admin plugin,...

is there any problem if i have installed source mod and mani admin plugin all in 1?????????????

Why don't you get this Quake Sounds plugin for Sourcemod?
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Yes, if you need Mani Admin Plugin only for Quake sounds then use appropriate SourceMod plugin and don't use MAP at all. On the other hand you may like MAP administration system and then there is nothing wrong with running both MAP and SM. However it is wise to not duplicate functionalities.
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[Image: b_350_20_692108_381007_FFFFFF_000000.png]
The only problem i've had with running both mani admin and sourcemod are that when you type something like timeleft or nextmap then you will often get two outputs or, the wrong output. I would do as Arjen suggested and use that quake plugin. Besides, that plugin is much better.

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