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Please help... A few questions about SRCDS
Heya everyone, i need help,

My speeds

is this a good enough speed to run a Counter strike Source server with Gun game 5.1 in it.

If it is , then system i have is
2.94 Core 2 duo , 2GB DDR2
8800 Nvidia Geforce (512 MB)

would this be enough?

also now here comes the fun part i have run this server before and when i had everything done, the FPS bar show 512 , after i gave it the FPSboost. it was showing 64 at first, even changing it to fps_max 1000, didn't do a thing.. anyway when i started to play the ping was fine, but it started to increase with each bot i had in there, eventually it goes up and down with data it looks like.

Is there anyway to fix this etc? (i will update more)

---i don't mind starting over either..
(this may have to be move to general section , if it doesn't go well in this topic, etc)
Clarksville Department of Corrections? Lolwut?

Also, you need to use Windows Vista or Later to run 1000fps on Windows.

Your computer is sufficient.
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LOL no worries of that someone gave that name hehe... , so if everything is well , what would the rates would be for this kind of server then...

i know the tickrate will be 66 always now, since that upgrade...
i use this website ...
(don't know if this helps)

i input the calculations in... (i'm only going to have 17 players on it, one reserved)
sv_minrate 0
sv_maxrate 202206
sv_minupdaterate 4
sv_maxupdaterate 674

do i input this on my server or input something else that won't make it lag as much...
because i don't want to deal with a point of having a sever that the ping will increase the second , bots or people come in and start shooting, i want it to stable if it can...unless that an fps issue or something.

Thanks for your quick response - EDIT
sv_minrate 20000
sv_maxrate 40000
sv_minupdaterate 66
sv_maxupdaterate 66
sv_maxcmdrate 66
sv_mincmdrate 66

This will force users to use 66 tick.
And put this in your server.cfg
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alright well i started over, anyway i did that, it work alright but for some reason the ping peak up after a few seconds then it goes back down and stays stable. Then again it will do the same thing.

my rate is 40000
cl_cmdrate 66
cl_updaterate 66

which is where it should be.
the fps server stays at 512, and it won't go higher, that because it's windows XP, until upgrade to vista or better, will change that. Any i'm trying to firgue out why the ping goes up for that brief three to four seconds then it goes back down stable.

EDIT - so far everything is good, but it's just goes up a bit in ping then goes back down and stables. I just don't know how to stop that, other then that, the server seems normal now, thanks for your help for what you have done.

As again this isn't much resolved , since the ping stays stable then shoots out of no where to go high then back down to stable again. This happen during the time i was playing against another player, (this does not happen on other servers) either it could be my rates, though it follow through with that. So i need to know what can i do, otherwise i have to deal with that playing on the server.
Are you sure that your router can handle these packages?
Slå den med jeres fiberforbindelser...

[Image: 1308107839.png]
it should able too, if the speed is good enough to handle and with a ping of 1 lol. (The router is mostly new also)
It's probably just your ISP.

Or does your ping peak locally. If that's the case, make sure nothing else is running on your server that could cause this. ( Antivirus, Downloads, viruses etc.
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