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Help width Synergy server setup
Hi Smile

trying to set op a danish Synergy puzzle server, so for them i UK. You will also have a oki ping.


Need help to set it up because i don´t have all the new maps and i don´t have all the smart admin thing and bethere yet. all the cool commands like

!saveme --> !teleme
And the list goes on

And some other things is that i cant sprint and don´t know how to make an map-rotation. So again. For you guys, its the basic stuff hehe.

Just making this server to run at others to join it have been a challange for me because i am use to simple COD4 servers hehe.

Can some of you help me with these things ?

I have installed guardian 3.0 and it works! weee

Server is named "Synergy Puzzle Server" and is running now, i hope.
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