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OMFG. You people are weird.
How come no one has this problem even though everyone should have this?! Sad

OK, so I'm not really into making the 28th time on retyping the silly command ("hldsupdatetool -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dirc C:\srcds")... always "WinSock Error 0 (nothing)" or something like that, in the middle of downloads! >Sad Hai2u2, how to fix?
that probly means your internet connection doesn't like doing that much.. if its in the middle, which means it starts, so it works, and a winsock error means that basically it lost connection. sooo you internet folds under heavy load.
So, because you are getting an error, it makes us weird???
Well, I have a 10/10 mbit connection and I had no other heavy bw loading processes running, neither should a 10/10 load that easy at all.
then somehow your computer is losing connection.. what os is it?
XP Pro SP2.
Removing blob files and retrying the command a few times will make it load again, but won't eliminate the problem from reocurring in a few minutes

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