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Garrysmod Hosting
Intel Xeon X3430
100 MBPS Ports
3000GB Bandwidth
Cent OS 64Bit

Is that a bit overkill? Should I downgrade or upgrade anything?

What is the range of users that will probably host in garrysmod(filled slots).

I will need a MIN of 3 Servers and a MAX of 7 servers.
I will need to be able to support 60 clients at any given time.

Should I use a QuadCore instead or what.
Garry's Mod can use a lot of resources, it is pretty unpredictable at times. Although, with the spec you have listed you will be able to support 60 clients at any given time. With that server you are looking at around 30 slots per core, and that Xeon is a quad core.

8GB of ram isn't really needed on a single quad core, 4GB is usually fine.
Clan of Doom:

If you have the option get the X3440 over the X3430, huge performance increase as the speed of the processor increases and the x3440's have HT.
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