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Tickrate Problem
Server specs:
Dual xeon 3.0 ghz
1 gig of ram
dedicated line

We are running 1 x 20 man cs:s 100 tic 600 fps and 1 x 12 man cs:s 100 tic 600 fps server.

To gain 100 tic, we are currently using srcdboost.exe file. The problem is that the tickrate does not stay at 100. It sometimes goes to 60.50, 78.66, etc. It mostly goes likes 100 in and 66 out though.

Is there a way to fix this problem? We followed serverwiki's instruction

Also, how do you activate VAC?
I beleive the command for securing and unsecuring your server is "sv_secure 0 or 1".
alright.. first of all.. srcdsboost has nothing at all to do with tick.. thats server fps. to set tick to 100 you have to add "-tickrate 100" to the cmd start up line.

vac is activated by default. to disable vac you add "-insecure" to the the cmd line. so if you have an uptodate install.. vac should be enabled automatically.
Dual Xeon 3.0 gig
1 gig ram

1 x 20 man 100 tic 600 fps css pubic
1 x 12 man 100 tic 600 fps css private

right now, in's are mostly 100 but out's are between 55 to 78. it does hit 90s for few seconds. in the worst situation, i have been 66/55. sometimes, out reaches 44.

i heard that cpu is fine but the ram is insufficient. what do you guys think? if it is the ram, then what size do you guys recommend?
that amount of ram should be more then enough just for them servers.

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