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i have downloaded the srcds,followed the tut here on this site.
set up the folders and when i go to download the materials the black
checking boot stap screen flashes then closes here is the command i used"

C:\SRCDS\UPDATER\HldsUpdateTool.exe -command update -game "hl1mp" -dir C:\SRCDS -verify_all

i replaced "hl1mp" with "counter-strike source" and it downloads a lot like it should, is there another command for half-life deathmatch source?
hl2mp was moved oct 1 2010 to the 2009 engine, hl1mp is the still on the
2006 (ep1) engine if that makes a difference.

hl2mp = OrangeBox srcds.exe
episode1 = Source srcds.exe
halflife = Gold Source hlds.exe

As far as I know hl1mp doesn't exist as a hldsupdatetool type.
Remember you can just type list in the updated hldsupdatetool and It will tell you the downloadable server types.
C:\SRCDS\UPDATER\HldsUpdateTool.exe -command list

EDIT: The list command doesn't seem to work anymore... hldsupdatetool closes itself too fast.
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