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[SOLVED] Adding master server help
When I run my server.bat everything runs fine except the adding master server "then ip" does not show up and my server is not listed in the master server list, i am able to connect through lan tho

"EDIT" heres my server.cfg and server.bat

"NINJA EDIT" im also running windows xp professional 32 bit with comcast highspeed internet also my computer is set to DMZ, so ports should not be a problem

"EDIT" i got it to work, i had my game port forwarded and dmz both enabled, choose one or the other, i just did regular port forward

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.png   no master server.png (Size: 166.16 KB / Downloads: 19)
.bat   Server.bat (Size: 154 bytes / Downloads: 11)
.cfg   Server2.cfg (Size: 2.48 KB / Downloads: 7)

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