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Run commands from i-net
As the title says I am looking for a way to run console commands from the internet. If that is not possible, is there a was i could do it with putty or something like that?

my srever:
windows XP pro

is there a way to do this? for example, be able to change gravity from a page. A user can put a number in a feild then it submits it.
so a web-based rcon page? hmm.. well the new version of psychostats (when it comes out) will haveit. but theres a guy that has a mod version of psychostats that does it, its beta still though so it has some kinks in it. its not too bad and people you assign to it can rcon the server. not the best, but yea. heres a link..

theres also something called phpadmin or something like that. i never tried very hard to make it work, but i think its supposed to do that? anyways heres a link to that other that hlsw, its not web-based. but yea.
the solution the owner of my clan came up with was to have bash files for it. but im not on linux, so does anyone know how to execute commands from a batch file? I could have a different file for each command and then execute them with php. Also I am not really interested in using someone else's script to do it. I am looking to write my own, but have no clue how to access the commands. So if there is a list of commands or a way to do them with a batch file let me know.
*bump* comon guys someone has to have seen/ knows of a list of commands or figured out a way to run them with a batch file.
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wht would u recomend me learning then?
lol. i think this is something your going to have to research and learn on your own. you will have to learn about bat files, cmd prompt commands, if you have never even used dos, ms dos, cmd prompt whatever, then this probly isn't something you want to do.

and really. no where will you find a "list" of commands for a batch file, there the same as cmds for a cmd prompt, cuz batch files basically use the cmd prompt. and that list of cmds is virtually infinate.
I am actually pretty experienced with windows dos/batch. I have a number of different things i use that i made. Also i figured something out. You can run commands fom this:
CALL path to srcds -sv_gravity 99999
But it opens up a new srcds every time. That is almost what i want. I will be able to exec each file with a different command in each with php.

EDIT: haha actually i just figured out that doesnt do anything just opens the cmd flashes the output then closes.
If you mean, you want to remotely conenct to your server and issue commands to:
See who is on the server
Kick / ban
set / reset the server password
change the maps
list the maps
Chat with the players
or use any server command...

Then simply get hlsw.
It works great with cs 1.6 or Source.

Install it and then just put in your ip and if you are not on port 27015 then put in your ip and port like this or what ever.
Go to the rcon section at the bottom and put in the server's rcon password, click save pass and you are good to go.....

i dont really know german... and the language flages at thetop dont work.
Also I was more looking for(the hlsw might do this but i couldnt read it) gravity. My origional plan was to make 1 batch file for grav 800 and 1 for 150
CALL path to srcds -sv_gravity 800
CALL path to srcds -sv_gravity 150

but that doesnt work. I wanted to try to make my own. So any help with thaT?
The site comes up in english for me, and I dl the english version (from the german site)

Once installed you can issue any command.
Simply type sv_gravity 100 or whatever in the rcon section...

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