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DOD:S bots
How do I add bots to my DOD:S server?

Where is the DOD:S server.cfg documented at? It seemed extremely hard, if not impossible, to find info about this from Valve. I had to find some random clan's match server and get it from them.

as far as i know (which isn't much. i don't run any dod:s server right now) you can't have bots with dod:s. i could be wrong, but bots are annoying anyways. and the server.cfg file is located in the cfg folder, and by default is not there. you have to make one using notepad or something simular.
The source mods base cfg is now called game.cfg.
no? where did you hear that one? you could probly put cmds there. but what you should use the the main server config is server.cfg I have never even tried to put anything in the game.cfg file. it executes the server.cfg file by default every map change, and at server start up.
You can add a server.cfg file but there is no reason to you can just use the game.cfg file. When you do a clean server install you will notice that there is no server.cfg installed and you can still run the game because the needed parameters are in the game.cfg file.
theres only one cmd in the game.cfg file.. and thats sv_rollangle. there are no "needed parameters" anything thats not defined in a config file just goes to default. but either way.. and as far as i know the server.cfg file has never downloaded with the server install.

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