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Left 4 Dead 2, Can connect only by console.
Hi!I just made Left 4 Dead 2 Server with SRCDS, but my friends cannot join to my server in steam.When they look my game info, it says server is not responding and only shows my lan ip[]

When i go to it says my ip is
My friends can join with console only: connect

Here is some information: My lan ip is
I have static ip adress + i know what it is...
My other ip is[]

My "Code line" is: -console -game left4dead2 -maxplayers 8 +sv_lan 0 +map c1m1_hotel

I have opened l4d2 ports:

TCP: 27014 - 27050
UDP: 4380
UDP: 27000 - 27030
UDP: 1200

If you need, ask more information.Thanks for help already Toungue
What a noob forum, dont anyone know??
Have you tried adding the server to your Steam Group and join the server by clicking on "Steam Group Servers" in the L4D2 main menu?
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