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[resolved] Css not connecting
First, Hi i'm new here ^^
And now back to the topic...
I'm having some trouble with the server, I installed it correctly,and it worked. But when i installed the plugins (metamod and mani) people outside of my network could not connect, they say that they get:
1-Problems with connection.
2-They are stuck on the parsing game info and then they are dropped.
I disabled the plugins and they tried it again but they got the same results...

Well, I just hope someone will help me Sad

Heres some info:
Server OS: Windows XP Professional x86
Processor: Intel Core2Duo E8400 3.00GHZ cache: 6mb
Ram: 3GB DDR2
Game: Counter Strike Source
Startup Command: -console -game cstrike -maxplayers 12 +map de_dust2 -port 27015 -tickrate 100 -autoupdate
Admin Mods: Metamod and Mani admin plugins

If theres something missing, let me know.
Ok so right now, they say that they cannot even connect to the server...
Looks like it gotten worse, please help me Sad
What is the error they are getting? What is your server IP address?
They just lost connection, they try to connect but they can't...
External IP:
It passed trough a router, I already opened the ports
(27000-27050 TCP,UDP)
(4380-4380 TCP,UDP)
And yes, they try to connect trough the external IP
Nevermind, I fixed it, I went into the routers control panel and made a DMZ connection. Thanks for the help anyway guys ^^

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