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dod:s server problem
Hey guys

I have litle problem.
I install dod:s serwer
./steam -command -update -game day of defeat source
I i just run thats server, but anybody cant go in server and server give anserw:
Connecting to
Connected to
Day of Defeat: Source
Map: dod_anzio
Players: 1 / 14
Build 2536
Server Number 9
COM_CheckGameDirectory: game directories don't match (dod / dods)
Netchannel: failed processing message svc_ServerInfo.

What shell i do, what i do bad.

Help Big Grin

i do insttal 2 time and UNTIL instalation i have:

No installation record found at .
Checking/Installing 'Day of Defeat Source Base Content' version 4
Downloading: .\dod\bin\client.dll
Downloading: .\dod\bin\server.dll
all files is isntaled in dod directory - maybe thats problam how i can change that (but we must rememeber that i have another gemes cs, dod etc in that same dir with all hl2)

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