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Seg Fault Problem Again...
Ok im getting a seg. fault on debian. Never have before reinstalled everything in one day. Srcds and debian. everything is up to date. but i get this.

L 10/16/2010 - 23:20:09: World triggered "Round_Start"
Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(srcds_linux)/version(1.0)
Connection to Steam servers successful.
   VAC secure mode is activated.
L 10/16/2010 - 23:20:14: "^1{EC} ^9Sk8r776<2><STEAM_0:0:26078041><>" connected, address ""
Client "^1{EC} ^9Sk8r776" connected (
L 10/16/2010 - 23:20:15: "^1{EC} ^9Sk8r776<2><STEAM_0:0:26078041><>" STEAM USERID validated
L 10/16/2010 - 23:20:16: World triggered "Round_Start"
L 10/16/2010 - 23:20:18: "^1{EC} ^9Sk8r776<2><STEAM_0:0:26078041><>" entered the game
L 10/16/2010 - 23:20:20: "^1{EC} ^9Sk8r776<2><STEAM_0:0:26078041><Unassigned>" joined team "CT"
Uploading dump (in-process) [proxy '']
success = yes
response:  CrashID=bp-1d047c3c-14f9-4fed-8e14-8893e2101016

./srcds_run: line 348:  1776 Segmentation fault      $HL_CMD
Add "-debug" to the ./srcds_run command line to generate a debug.log to help with solving this problem
Sat Oct 16 23:20:22 EDT 2010: Server restart in 10 seconds
Sat Oct 16 23:20:28 EDT 2010: Server Quit

This happens after i choose a team. Seems to be mani admin. Does anyone know why it would be causing this seg fault?
you answered it yourself. it could be a plugin. so disable them all. if it works then, enable them one by one until the problem reappears. then you have your reason... (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
Do not ask technical questions via PM!
It is Mani i tried last night. But iam just wondering. if anyone know why it could be causing a Seg fault.
mani is pretty ugly coded, most people here recommend not using it. but maybe you are just using an old version... (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
Do not ask technical questions via PM!
Eh. Back to source mod then. I want a nice, well moving server. I use your linux optimizations, and i really like them. So thank you for them.

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