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I have found out something really odd.

Everyone knows that you can`t start the server without valve.rc.

I start the server with valve.rc - the rcon doesn`t work, i delete(change name) the valve.rc ,i go inside the server and with mani change the map, then rcon starts to work.

The problem is that with valve.rc deleted it doesn`t load all of the specific server commands.

How do i make the rcon work with valve.rc?

edit: i also have another server and it is configured the same and that one works fine

p.s. sorry for my english Wink
put your server vars in server.cfg instead Gaming Servers
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I have the cvars in server.cfg!! I read somewhere that it only runs once per server startup, cvars like mp_forcecamer 1, must be run every map because they are changed back to normal at every map start. And if i put them in any other cfg which i execute(in valve.rc) they are set to what i want! So that is not the thing for me!
Strange, I have just the same problem on 1 of my private servers. Thought it was hacked. Put al the specific cvar's like: servername/rcon/pass in valve.rc and it works again!

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