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What linux for 500+fps without modding kernel?
Which linux distro is able to run CS:S servers at 500+ constant fps without having to modify the kernel?
I thought I read a while back that CentOS 5 has the settings built in. But, a friend of mine runs a CentOS 5 64-bit server and CS:S wont run at 500fps on there.
I have the same problem, but I would configure the kernel if I knew how and it was necessary.
Yeah I've found a few tutorials on doing it. I just don't want to risk messing anything up. I know I read there was one distro that is able to do it out of the box. But, I can't remember which. if anyone knows, please tell.
I've found 1 tut on it, and I cant seem to do it. I am doing this in a test environment though, so I am not as afraid.
Hopefully we can get an answer on this soon. I haven't gotten the server yet. I want to get everything setup quick for my clan as soon as its up and running.
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Just use ubuntu
Are both of those able to run 500+ without changing kernel?

Just read around some to find most people saying Debian is better than Cent and Ubuntu for game servers and runs 1000fps. I think I will go with Debian. Thanks
All Distros will perform as good as another if you modify them the same way Wink
Linux is the kernel itself. Distros are more like a CMS around the kernel. They differ in philosophy and enterprise/non enterprise versions. Not all run as good as the other regarding fps out of the box.
Enterprise are stable and have support, but you have to pay some money. RedHat is an example,
If you do not choose an enterprise distro, you need to rely on its community for help. Most major Distros have good communities.
CentOS ist rockstable but normally needs modifications if you want to run gameserver.
Ubuntu tries to have new packages/versions. because of that it is less stable, unless you modify it.
Debians is like: It is done when it is done. We want a stable system. It is easy to use for beginners and on most systems gameserver perform good out of the box.
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