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server commands
is there a place on internet where u can find all commands u can do on scrds except than "cvarlist" in console cause its not really clear :S
thats about as clear as your going to get i think. if you have any specific wants. like you want to know if theres a cvar that does XXXXX ask that. but regardles, theres like what almost 2000 cvars i think. any list of them is going to appear "not clear"
I sure you have seen this:

cvarlist log cvarlist.txt

That will put all the cvars in a text file in you /dod directory. Their are places on the internet with that file, but it is nicely formatted.
yea. i posted a link to one actually on here the other day. here is the link to that thats about as good of a list as your gonna get though.
you know, you could have just replied to your original post instead of posting the same thing twice Gaming Servers
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