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[Resolved] Server IP
Setting up my server for L4D2.

The srcds batch file contains a parameter "+ip".

I want to know if I can use this somewhere other than the launcher. Perhaps in a .cfg. If so, how would I go about using it?

(I use mm_dedicated_force_servers to connect to my server, which is on a local machine. The same computer is set up as a DMZ host - that way I can use my external IP and both myself and others can connect using a lobby.)

The reason I ask is that I'm planning to make several different shortcuts, each of which starts the server in a different campaign. My IP address is dynamic, naturally. When it changes, I don't want to have to change it in every loader, it would be much easier to only have to change it in two files - one on the server and the autoexec on my client.
Nevermind, I solved it myself. Registered with DynDNS and got an address. Putting that address in the +ip portion of the command works like a charm.

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