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CPU Affinity
Hey guys,

Does anyone make use of "set affinity" on their server boxes?

I recently upgraded my 1U server to dual Xeon processors and wondered if its worth using affinity or if just leaving it how it is by default.

The server has 4 srcds running and would set 2 srcds to use CPU1 and the other 2 to use CPU2.
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You really dont need to set affinity since srcds doesnt use more then 1 core.
There use to be a huge split on weather affinity should be set or to let windows manage it. Generally, windows actually handles the load better then manually setting affinity, so I wouldn't worry about it.
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For competitive servers its best to set the affinity your self. For public servers just let Windows do it.
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Sounds good, I'll let Windows manage it for now then.

Thanks guys.
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