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CS:S Server not available publicly
Hey guys, I've been trying to setup a CS:S server using SRCDS on my XP Machine but I'm unable to get it to show publicly and I presume its something to do with the ports I've opened for it as it's showing via my local IP but friends can't connect with my external IP. I've set the static IP on my XP machine and forwarded the ports for that IP. I've posted a screenshot below of my port settings for my Billion 7300RA, if you guys could look and see if I've stuffed it up somehow or give me any other suggestions that would be great.
The machine is connected directly to the modem.

Screenshot is attached below.

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Anyone able to help?
sv_lan 0??
(10-08-2010, 08:08 PM)Pasketi Wrote:  sv_lan 0??

Yep, set that in the server.cfg

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