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launching game as non-privledged user?
Hey guys, just a quick question to ask how you run your game servers automatically as non-privledged accounts.

For example, I already setup an account called "gameservers" which I use to start all my srcds installs via screen. However, I want to make sure everything comes back up automatically on restart, and that it's NOT running under root for obvious reasons.

Do most of you just hijack and use inetd to handle running these as another user? Or do you have some other app you use to do this?

Any feedback would be appreciated.


*bumptastic* Soooo.. all you linux users on here and nobody has any suggestions? lol. Smile
I use cron jobs that check to make sure the game server is responding, and if not kills any left over processes and restarts the game server. This also starts all my servers back up on a reboot.
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Add the following line to /etc/rc.d/rc.local :-

/bin/su gameservers -c /home/gameservers/start_css

where 'gameservers' is your non-priveleged account and 'start_css' is the script that starts your game.

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