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Zblock causing crash
Zblock is crashing your server using +use. This is what's on their site:

We are aware of the problem causing crashes since the last update when players perform the "+use" action.

We look forward to get this fixed over the weekend. In the meantime, please remove 4.5 RC2 from your servers.

We apologize to anyone affected.
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They fixed it:

zBlock 4.5RC2 -> 4.5RC3:

-Compatible with the 30/09/2010 game update.
-Removed functionality which is now implemented into the game by the VALVe/Hidden Path Entertainment partnership.
-Fixed a crash which could occur whilst "zb_active 0" was set.
-Client "net_graph" values are no longer checked when warmode is disabled.
-"sv_nostats" is no longer a locked cvar.
-Locked several newly introduced cvars (which have competitive implications) whilst warmode is enabled...
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Thanks for the info Smile
(10-04-2010, 05:35 PM)realchamp Wrote:  Thanks for the info Smile

Interactive web based config creator for CS, CSS, TF2 and DODS
Creates server and client configs in an explained dialog.

You`ll also find precompiled debian gameserver kernels for download
zBlock 4.5RC3 -> 4.5
-Fixed a server crash when changing auth-host (due to corrupted build files).
-"zb_teamcash" is now available to dead players.

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