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Lan server jerks me around
Server Info:
windows 7 32 bit
pentium dual core t4500 @ 2.3ghz
3 GB ram
c:\srcds\orangebox\srcds.exe -console -game dod -tickrate 100 -port 27015 +maxplayers 40 +map dod_anzio +exec server.cfg -autoupdate

22/4 mbps
router: w310n port forwarded 21075
No mods

i just setup a dods server for lan testing purposes.. everything loads up fine. server is running ~500 fps and the server have plenty of ram and cpu to spare for clients to connect. 100 tick server.

My computer client is set to 120 fps.. When i am running around with 1 person on server, i feel jerky.. looking at my fps it constantly drops to 100 and back to 120..

I join a pub server and with ~80 ping and 100 tick.. my fps stays at a constant 120 and no jerkiness

my netgraph 1 shows:
in: 68 6.9k/s 100
out: 74 6.7k/s 91

I am on a lan connection. shouldnt i get full 100/100 ? is my server spec good enough for this old game?
any suggestions plz? i wanna try a few things first then worst case i can move server on a quad core computer
What do you mean 100/100?

You really shouldn't run a full-time server on the same PC you're playing on. Uses too much resources.
no, the server and client are different computers. the 100/100 are my in and outs.. updaterate and cmdrate. My point is since i am on a lan with 1 client connected.. shouldnt the server be able to fully serve at max speeds? is there a config somewhere?

when i pub, some 100 tick server give me full 100/100.. my server.cfg has the correct min and max.. my client computer has 100 max setting.. so... any suggestions?

edit: added screenshots.. please note the in on the pub server and mine.. I am literally 5 feet away from the my server.. should i be able to get more from my server?

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You shouldn't be running a server on a laptop. Also get rid of -autoupdate from the target line.
people says to put autoupdate on so it can update with every start if needed.. this game is over 5+ years old.. my laptop should be fine? i checked ram and cpu usage was low with one client.

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