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[Resolved] Hi, issue that I can spec both teams...
Hi everyone,

I got a noob issue with my server settings, that when I die, I can spectate both teams.

I did a Google search, as well as a forum search here, but hard to find any info with the keywords "tf2, die, spectate, both"... Sad

BTW, I am trying to get some suggestions on finding a host in West Coast, but I cannot post in the Commercial Pit. Can I ask such question in the Admin Pit? Sad

Please help. Thanks. Smile

[ 10-1-2010 ]
Please disregard my first question. I have found the solution now:

- mp_forcecamera 1 (me dumb)

Still need an answer for my 2nd question. Thanks again.
Where on the West coast are you looking for a host? Game server host? Or dedicated server host?
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