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List of stupid questions.
Hello, I'm sure I'm not in the right place. but I did a search and couldn't really find what I was looking for.

I'm new to CSS (and this forum obviously) Long story short, I was playing CSS on a local server, or rather a server full of people near me. and I find out ofter getting quite frustrated that they were cheating usign the server as thier clan target practice. So I would like to set up my own server, cheat free.

I have no idea where to start and couldn't really find the information on the Valve boards, or throguh goole search. So I come to you.

I own a domain with about 5 gig of free storage and 75gig a month of bandwidth, Is that enough to host my own server in the first place? Is that even what I need?

I'll stop Asking questions now, I'm sure You'll all have a ton of links and or info for me.

Thanks a ton in Advance

alright, well for one if that storage your talking about is a webserver, it won't work. usually they restrict the cpu usage to under 10%. and you usually don't have enough access to even install and run a server. you could rent a server from a server rental company. i run a small one off of my site at it would be a lot cheaper though install if on your own computer, and run it off your own internet (if you have a decent connection) and theres a tutorial on how to do that on this site. but if you have anymore questions about anything in specific, ask away.

I run a server just as Skeletor suggested. Some friends and I got together and rebuilt an old PC (added some memory, couple of fans, etc.). It's nothing to look at but it works great as a dedicated Source server. I run it off my Comcast account and play with my friends (and the CS bots). We don't have a large group of guys--about six regulars and I have the server set up as 10 player max.

I have it set up so that nothing happens until one human player joins, then the bots join (we have it set so that there's always 8 players minimum including the bots) and it auto adjusts so if a real player comes in, a bot gets kicked to make room. So far no lag, but I probably can't push it past the 10-player max on a home cable connection. What Skeletor suggests is quite doable, and it's free (you're already paying for the cable connection).
yes, that would work like what fragg said. and is probly the most logical for somone in your situation. i ran a server like that for a very long while, actually 2 servers lol.
Just to say... eight bots is alot. They take up more then a normal player slot. Like 2.5 or something butacuse they use pure cpu n no internet

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