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How many servers p4 3.0
I am looking at getting a dedicated server and need to know how many player slots i can get onto a

P4 3.0 HT
1024MB RAM
100mbps connection
250 gb sata hdd
Windows server 2003 standard

Many thanks
trial and error my friend.. lol. i had a dedicated box that had a 3.0 i believe.. and i ran 60 slots all together, and cpu never hit more then like 30%. soo yea.. more then that.
k thanks, is there any good way of testing it. Cause i cant just make 40 slots fill at any one time. how much more do bots take than human players cause i could use them i spose?
hmm.. well bots do use considerably more cpu.. maybe filling the servers half with bots? would give you some idea. but really just monitor the cpu.. and for say you have 4 servers, and its not hurting.. try another one and see what happens.. like over a certain time period of like a day. and also be sure to change map a couple times as well. that eats cpu and has to be takin into consideration.
Yea the problem is that they dont seem to fill up, even though they have uk pings of 15/20.Sad Do you use the windows cpu monitor or a seperate one? If i fill up the servers with bots and leave them on i get memory errors, is this normal?
yea.. bots always screw stuff up. i would really just guess at how much you want on there.. and be reasonable.. and just put it on there. and if it starts laggin or something when theres a lot of people in there. then shut a server down. or lower the player number.

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