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TF2 AI Bots
does anyone out there know how you can rename or substitute a name of your choosing for one of the random names given the AI bots in tf2??

I want to have a bot scout class named after my grand nephew
for use on the payload maps (he just loves his wagon/cart and loves to push it or pull it along).

So i thought i would honer him with a bot named for him on all payload maps on my dedicated server.

I want to do this with scripts or the like and do not want to "hack" or "mod" any files or things.
Oh and yes i looked at the "Dumb Bots" i wish to have this one be AI that is Artificial intelligence.

If you go to the Wiki you will see there are 2 versions of bots for TF2.
AI and Dumb/Puppet.

A Puppet bot will not work for what i have in mind.

Also this is for a dedicated server not one created in the game or what is called a "lan server"
It is also not a "listen server" as a server created inside of steam. So i will be using
CVAR scripts or what is referred to as configure files, not the pull down console commands.

hope those last statements clarify and do not insult, i just wish to save us all space and
time by having the answers follow the question correctly.

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