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Hello everybody, i have a question..

Im wondering how it would be possible to run several servers from a "base directory", and of course, seperated from each other. Let me give an example:

I have given 2 guys a clanwar server (one for each guy). I want to let them administer that server on their own, for example, guy 1 wants PMA on his server, while guy 2 just wants zBlock... The gameservers is located like this:
/home/user/srcds/ # Root directory of the gameserver
/home/guy1/ # Root directory of guy 1
/home/guy2 # Root directory of guy 2
Now heres the point, i want a "srcds_run" to be in both guy 1 and guy 2's folders. I want to know if its possible to make somekind of startup script, that sets the srcds_run to load all the content (base materials, base maps, base models, etc.) from "/home/user/srcds/", BUT it should also use the maps/plugins/etc. that are located in the guy1/guy2 directories..

I dont know if i explained myself clearly, but feel free to ask me to explain it further ;-)
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