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how to manage multiple srcds servers on windows
i need help with this problem:
i want to buy a dedicated server with xeon processor w3520,4 gb ram ddr3 ecc and os windows server 2008 enterprise.
i will install 2 ,3 or 4 css servers with srcds on a several different HDD partitions.
rarely i want to go with my server at lanparty.
but how to manage multiple srcds servers on windows ?
processor have 4 cores but i don't know how to split resources between cores,and ddr3 ram too.
if at lanparty we needed 2 srcds (css )servers I must configure processor for 2 server(2 cores for each server and 2 gb ram).if we needed 4 I must to configure for 4 servers(4 cores and 1 gb ram for each core).
how to manage/split resources bettwen cores and ram ?
line comand ? or a program ? how to restart servers ?
There are command line for each srcds separately ?
in the rest of the time I desire to hosted the server at my home when i have 100MB internet speed.again,must split the bandwidth of my internet conexion ?how?
that's all folks.
You can install one instance of the game and configure it, then copy the others from the one you made. Start each server at a different port (-port <port>). Leave ten ports between each server (first at 27015, second at 27025 etc.)
To run a server on a certain core you have to set the affinity by pressing alt+ctrl+del, look for the srcds process, right click on it and set affinity.
When you're hosting a server at home maybe you want to take a look at a program like Netlimiter to set your bandwith the way you want. But why don't you just run it and see?
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I have not bought yet the server.
thank you very much for your advice.

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