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strange issue
When ever i try to adjust my server rate, the server console always reports

rate "10000"

i have it set to 20000 in my server cfg, and if i try to change it from the console it wont budge, is this a glitch in SRCDS?, my sv_maxrate,i can change no prob, but isnt that overriden by "rate" ? has rate been depriceated by sv_maxrate? or some such thing?
anyone else have this issue?
I could be wrong here, but I'm pretty sure that "rate" on the server side is irrelevant.

Your server has minrate and maxrate because it will support whatever rate a client requests so long as it falls within that range. Each client can set their own rates, so in reality, the server never actually has a "rate".

thats what i figured, but i wasnt sure. thx

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