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Rates and Server Settings
G'day guys,

Sorry for making another one of these threads but I just want to clear a couple of things up. As a server admin I want my users to get the best out of my servers;

I have recently seen comments about the server lagging, or bad rego... I dont know if they're just blaming their death on lag lol because I certainly dont have any lag issues when I play on the server.

Server is a 1U HP DL360 hosted in a datacenter so there is no problem with the upload etc.

I have read in other threads that in the server.cfg the following is no longer required as orangebox is by default running 66 tick. But if it is are those settings correct?

// # bandwidth rates and server settings

sv_minrate 15000
sv_maxrate 30000
sv_maxupdaterate 67
sv_minupdaterate 33
sv_maxcmdrate 67
sv_mincmdrate 33

Here is my startup line (same on other servers apart from port and map.

start /high /wait srcds.exe -console -game cstrike -ip -port 27015 -maxplayers 17 +map cs_assault

I am also running the fps_booster and the servers are on around 256fps according to the console.

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the settings look fine. the other players might have wrong client settings, a bad connection at home, or just looking for excuses... ;-)

wrong client settings are quite often cl_interp. some people believe the interpolation is bad so they try to shut it off as much as possible (i.e. using very small values). that is not a good idea, as the interpolation is required to match server and client hitboxes. so if the server fps are stable (you can verify this with the fps-meter) and it really happens that their hits do not get recognized (in particular if they see blood but inflict no damage) they should check if the "lerp" value in the net_graph is white all the time. tell them to set the interpolation values slightly too high to be on the safe side. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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