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Starting a SRCDS session
Please can some one assist...I am having trouble understanding somethings...

Firstly, Do I have to type "srcds -console -game cstrike +map dust maxplayers 16 -autoupdate" everytime I want to set this up. Can I not just type "srcds -console -game cstrike" instead. I have tried this and it does go in do I start a server from there.

Thank you

A Confused Noob
you must specify a +map or the server wont initiate, you dont have to set the number of players but it will revert to 32 if nothing is specified Gaming Servers
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you can make a simple bat file to start the server, or inthe tutorials section here it says how to make a watchdog bat file, so if the server crashes it will restart it. so you don't have to type all of that in every time. you could also get something like server checker which will launch the server, and keep it up automatically.

link to serverchecker.

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