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Can anyone help me...I am looking for a complete list of SRCDS console comands with explintaions. I want to get a better understanding of the system.

Thank you

A confused Noob
lol.. hmm.. thats a huge list.. type cvar list in cvarlist in console and it will give you all of them.
You can type "cvarlist log cvarlist.txt" and it will create a txt file containing every cvar in the game. I can't remember where it puts it though.
im pretty sure it puts it in the cstrike directory.. only bad thing about that. is its usually really un-organized. i have one somewhere thats pretty organized.. ill have to find it though.. i have too much crap on my home network.
here.. i found this. im pretty sure it should be all of them. the txt file is attached to this post.
.txt   console codes.txt (Size: 138.27 KB / Downloads: 672)

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