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[Resolved] my tf2 server will not update
getting used to having to update my TF2 server on Thursdays and then again on Fridays, however this time when the server stated that my server was old and would not be listed in the server list . . .

i ran the hldsupdatetool just like i have before but this time it looks like it will update but abruptly closes the window and the update is not installed.

also there is something that keeps stating that i am using something like outdated syntax or whatever.

also what is this file that keeps referencing 44 all about?

anyway i am confused and any help would be appreciated.

Thanx 'cause i was looking forward to hosting my nephews and a few of their friends on the server for a gaming session again this weekend.
well managed to get it up and updating . . .
stole the hlds update tool from my steam install
ran it and ran it with the commands to update my server. . .

finally got it up and running again. i figured if my steam TF2 is updating
wanting the updated server and it also is updating the listen server
on my steam side then maybe i could use some of that to update my
dedicated server.

Resourceful i thought.

please list this as resolved.
You must change it to resolved.
So, wait, what did you do? When I run my hldsupdatetool, it just pops up and quickly closes, and the server still says it has not updated. I try using "HldsUpdateTool.exe -command update -game teamfortress -dir C:\TF2" in command prompt after typing "cd C:\TF2" and it is still saying it did not update.

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