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srcds and HT
Are the virtual cores that show up under windows for a processor such as an x3460 just as capable and powerful as the physical cores? In other words, should I be able to host a srcds server on these individual cores?
From my experience with "high end" cpus, like xeons. Yes.
actually, not really. those virtual cpus are not entirely independent, so the processes may influence each other strongly. but, as nisd said, on high end cpus (and with not so high demands w.r.t. fps stability and player count) you might not notice this. in any case I believe it is better to enable HT, if you plan running "many" servers (w.r.t to the number of real cores), given that you have a fixed number of servers to run. on the other hand this does not actually double the performance, so if you really go to the limits (i.e. high slot counts per server etc.) you will note a difference between 8 real cores and 4 real + 4 virtual cores. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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