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Kernel configuration

I know there are many informations about configurating kernel on this forum but still I couldn't figure out how to fix my problem.

Ok let's start from the beggining. I wanna make server with stable 1000 FPS. I had stable FPS server in OVH but I read on this forum about hetzner offer so I wanna check it 'cos it has the same specification as OVH and it's cheaper. I bought EQ4 and installed CS:Source. After copying configs from the same server in OVH I run server and use fpsmeter to check how stable is it with kernels.

Results (same config on all servers):
OVH (Kimsufi i7-2T,view;87000.html (EQ-4 default_kernel 2.6.26-2-amd64):,view;88638.html (EQ-4,view;88857.html

As you can see on OVH server has high an stable FPS but how to do it on ? I wanna achieve same FPS like css has,view;29521.html ( )

Anyone can help me to get higher and stable FPS on ?

Thank you for any help.

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Ok at last I make some progress.

I will just write for other ppl that are looking how to get ~1000 FPS

FPSmeter before changes:,view;88638.html

So what I did on (EQ-4):
1. As a base kernel I used OVH hz1000 kernel for 64bit ( )
2. Made changes in kernel options (make menuconfig) from site point "Configure kernel source"
3. Made changes in kernel options (make menuconfig) from
4. Created realtime sheduling from point "Setting your servers to run with realtime scheduling"
5. Created idler service to run 8x idlers from point "Playing around"

FPSmeter after changes:,view;88869.html

I know that FPSmeter was done when nobody was on server (noone wanna test server on 4-5 am) but still you can see difference on charts.

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