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Incredibly Strange L4D2 Dedicated Server Issue
First post, etc etc. Hi there.

General Info:
Server OS: Windows 7 Home Premium (x86)
Processor: Intel Core i5 CPU M 450 @ 2.40 GHz (dual-core)
Installed RAM: 6.00 GB
Game: Left 4 Dead 2
Startup Command: (I assume this is launch options) -port 27015
Admin Plugins: MetaMod: Source, SourceMod

Connection Info:
[Image: 935855883.png]
Router: 2700HG-E Gateway. Wired connection.
Local Server IP:, port 27015
External Server IP:, port 27015
Port Forwarding Setup:
[Image: portforwarding1.png]
[Image: portforwarding2.png]

Okay, my issue is a really weird one that I've never seen documented anywhere, and I'm still confused as hell about it.

I've got a L4D2 Dedicated Server set up with Sourcemod and the like installed. I can run it just fine as a "Local Server" from the lobby, and strangely it starts as sv_lan 0, so external connections are made. However, when I go to run it via the Dedicated Server tool, out of the five people I've invited, only two of them can connect, and none of them are in my local network.

I have no idea what's causing this and no idea of how to go about fixing it. Does someone else know? If so, help please? Thanks. Smile
Is windows firewall disabling it? and what kind of anti-viris do you have?
I have Windows Firewall disabled, and my Anti-Virus is Kaspersky Pure
Normally caused when the outbound client connection ports that your server users to community with the users ( not to be confused with the servers connection ports ) are blocked on the outbound OR are not configured correctly...

NOTE: These ports are never the same...

My rule: Port 27015 for UDP and TCP needs to be opened for inbound connections... All OUTbound connections should be allowed
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Okay, so... 27015 needs to be open on TCP as well? Alright, going to try that now.

EDIT: Wait, 27015's open on both UDP and TCP. For what it's worth, I can host a server in-game just fine and anyone can connect to it, but the dedicated server is what doesn't want to work.

Nope, nothing going on. I fail to understand how a listen server works perfectly but a dedicated one doesn't...
(09-02-2010, 03:39 PM)*KyuuTheWolf* Wrote:  DP

Nope, nothing going on. I fail to understand how a listen server works perfectly but a dedicated one doesn't...

I believe its your firewall on your computer then. You gave an exception to hl2.exe, which is why listen servers run fine. Try setting an exception to your srcds.exe and give it a shot.
Eh... tried that, still nothing. Even with Firewall off, only a few people can connect via the Dedicated Server setup.

Could it have something to do with me playing on the same computer, maybe? I forgot to mention that, sorry.

EDIT: Derp, now no one can connect. Once again, listen server/starting from in-game still works, but not the ded. server tool.

Nope, even if I'm not playing and have nothing else running, everyone I ask to connect times out.

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