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How do I Install Episode 1, 2 And How Do I Make A FastDL?
Well, I have a map that needs Episode 2 and 1 content to use it, and has a few EP1 and EP2 props on it, so I installed EP1 and 2 onto my steam, and ran the update tool, but I dont see it in Srcds, will it show up, or is it in some odd directory?

And also my garrysmod server has a small bit of content on it, but people do not download it to the server when they join, giving everyone errors for playermodels and such, how do I set a FastDL server and URL to make people download files from the server?

Any help on the two would be useful. Big Grin
Anyone? Its been a long time. :\
Hi only just started myself learning but seen many tut's describing the way to set fast dld, check link below
Near bottom of page gives brief description on how to forward to webserv etc..
If no use to u then just goolge or you tube it in simple words, there is lots of help, only problem i find is getting one that u can understand and follow lol
Good luck
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Use the convar sv_downloadurl to set your fast download URL (just find some web space somewhere), and mirror the fast download server with your server's files that need to be downloaded (for example, if you're running a TF2 server and you have /orangebox/tf/sounds/sound.wav that needs to be downloaded, just put /tf/sounds/sound.wav on your fast download server.
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