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Can't connect to an internet server from within the LAN

So, I've read your excellent tutorials and successfully installed two alien swarm servers (I've copied the folder, so there is actually two different servers running, not just two instances of the same srcds.exe file) on the machine detailed below. Everything is fine, except that I can not connect to the sv from another computer within the LAN if and olny if the sv is currently empty. If there is any other player on, I connect and play without any problems.

Also, people have complained about lag when there is 7/8 players on, so I would also like to know if it's really possible to run two servers in this machine/with this connection.


Win XP Pro 32bit (5.1 build 2600)
Intel core2 4300 @ 1.8GHz
Alien Swarm
No mods so far

srcds.exe -console -game swarm +map lobby -maxplayers 4 -autoupdate +exec server.cfg

The hired ISP provides me theoretically (edit: now confirmed in my signature, though I shall retest in a higher traffic time)10Mbps down/800Kbps up, wich should be fine for up to 18 players, right?

The network is typical, and the router is the D-link DL524

192.168.101:27015 <-router->
192.168.101:27016 <-router->

All help shall be appreciated!
[Image: 934932810.png]
lolz nah I don't think I could get 18 players w/out lag even on a hlds. (I have the same upload as you)
I haven't done an alien swarm server but i've done l4d before and found that 8/8 people is ultra laggy every time a wave of zombies comes.

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