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why hldupdatetool download my mod files again when I reinstall???

I'm garry's mod user

I had wanted to clean my server

so I uninstalled and deleted all files in C:\srcds

and then I reinstalled hldsupdatetool

and use command update I downloaded Garrysmod again

but I cannot get "CLEAN ver" of gmod

becuz there were 'terrortown' files in 'gamemodes' folder...

at that time I reinstalled garrysmod in steamapps first

It means I didnt have terrortown anywhere in my hdd

so.. I wonder

Why can't I get clean ver of gmod

How can I get clean ver(default)of gmod??

plz teach me Smile
Ever since the recent update

They have added terrortown

and a few others to

the gamemode list.

As long as you don't launch them with

your startup line or server.cfg,

they will not hurt you at all.

I hope this helps! Big Grin

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