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Way to little cpu to run any thing decent.
With orangebox you need > 2Ghz at a modern cpu to handel 32 slots. Also it must be on one core. Your % values are split over the existing cores.
There is no way to run servers with anything close to decent gameplay on that vps.
Interactive web based config creator for CS, CSS, TF2 and DODS
Creates server and client configs in an explained dialog.

You`ll also find precompiled debian gameserver kernels for download
VPS for game hosting is normally not recommended.

But if you wanna do game hosting with a decent quality, you need at least 2ghz on a single core.

Mainly cause srcds does not support multiple cores.
Sometimes, if you are unable to host from home for various reasons, it is cheapest to rent from a host, or to rent a dedicated server. It's not cheap, but there's no cheaper way to do it.
A quick search on google let me find there:

I would suggest you take a look on the: "Intel Pentium D 3.0 Ghz" it is 40KD
and should be able to hold atleast 2 decent servers.

But I have not made any checks on them yet, so I would suggest you make a quick search for reviews and such.
To me, it doesn't seem that theres no good choices at all. Have you tried to research og you Can get more uplink speed on your own connection?

These VPS's isn't anything worth in my oppinion. You NEED to be guaranteed the full speed of the processor.

Try to make some research if theres any providers in other countries that are close to Kuwait
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