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Counter-Strike: Source Update Released (8-24-10)
Jason Ruymen Wrote:Required updates to Counter-Strike: Source are now available. The specific changes include:

- Added a new server ConVar "sv_competitive_minspec" that enforces the following restrictions on clients when set to 1:
      - r_drawdetailprops     1
      - r_staticprop_lod      (-1 to 3)
      - fps_max               minimum 60 (or 0)
      - cl_detailfade         minimum 400
      - cl_detaildist         minimum 1200
      - cl_interp             (0 to 0.031)
      - cl_interp_ratio       (1 to 2)
- Fixed ragdolls popping when using mp_fadetoblack 1
- Fixed a buffer overrun exploit that could be used to attack/crash servers.
- Fixed a crash at startup when no sound emitter scripts were loaded.
- Fixed a crash that could happen if a custom model was loaded with missing materials.
- Fixed a crashed related to alt-tab.
- Fixed a potential crash in the shaders.
- Fixed a crash when running custom maps with missing model files
- Removed the client console commands "mat_supress" and "mat_debug"


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