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(CS:S) Cant connect to the master servers
What the title says

The srcds is not adding the master servers for CS:S

I mean it doesn't say that its adding them.

Any ideas?

Plus my ports are forwarded. Nothing is being blocked by a firewall

But hl2mp works fine

AMD Athlon™ Dual-Core M300 2.00 GHz
4.00 GB of RAM
64-bit Windows 7 Home P
I dont have any problems running games
Im using Mani, MetaMod, Sourcemod
Friendly bump, This got lost

I know might know a little more than me, but can you connect to your server adding it in favorites not on your lan?

What ports do you have forwarded?

Post your server.cfg

I heard updating your router firmware was one issue for someone. Some other person said in your router config try enabling DMZ.

Update: I am in the same boat as you I will try a few things and let you now if anything works.
Can others see your server in the masterlist or is it just you? Are you looking for your external IP address?
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