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2 servers on one machine
I'm wanting to run a normal server and a dm server on the same machine at the same time. I've got 2 totally separate copies of srcds - one with the dm mod installed and one without.

I've started one using "-port 27015" in the command line and the other using "-port 27016" but steam wont let me add the 27016 server to my favourites list.

What do I have to do to get them running and recognized by steam?
I've got 3 running servers on same machine - hence:
C:\GameServer\SRCDS1\ (port 27015)
C:\GameServer\SRCDS2\ (port 27016)
C:\GameServer\SRCDS3\ (port 27017)

by simply coping all the content from #1 to #2 and #3
and changing "-port 2701x"

check out your router is forwarding 27016 as well.
So be it...
I'm Pretty sure I have the needed ports forwarded:
[Image: router.JPG]
try port 27035 for the second server and make sure it's opened
Still can't get it to work. For now I just want it working locally so port forwarding shouldn't matter.
Ok I got it sorted - using the +ip command line parameter was messing it up. On a side note - is the following output from 'lsof -i' suitable for forwarding the exact ports that srcds is using?

srcds_amd 3768 root 5u IPv4 7446 UDP *:27015
srcds_amd 3768 root 6u IPv4 7447 UDP *:27020
srcds_amd 3768 root 7u IPv4 7448 UDP *:27005
srcds_amd 3768 root 8u IPv4 7449 TCP thunder:27015 (LISTEN)
srcds_amd 3768 root 11u IPv4 7467 UDP *:27009
srcds_amd 3788 root 5u IPv4 7966 UDP *:27035
srcds_amd 3788 root 6u IPv4 7967 UDP *:27021
srcds_amd 3788 root 7u IPv4 7968 UDP *:27006
srcds_amd 3788 root 8u IPv4 7969 TCP thunder:27035 (LISTEN)
srcds_amd 3788 root 11u IPv4 8498 UDP *:27010
messing up how..

my 3 comandlines all look like this:
Quote:C:\GameServer\SRCDS2\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike -autoupdate +IP -PORT 27015 +maxplayers 16 +map cs_assault
same +IP parameter on each - only port is changed
So be it...

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